Amtrak, state mark completion of $71.2 million third track project between Wilmington and Newark


Amtrak, the Delaware Department of Transportation, and the Delaware Transit Corporation marked a $71.2 million project to increase capacity between Wilmington and Newark on the Northeast Corridor.

Pictured from Left – Right – Stephen Gardner, Amtrak President | Bill Flynn, Amtrak CEO | Senator Tom Carper | Leslie Richards, SEPTA General Manager | Senator Chris Coons).

This project,  a major infrastructure expansion project in the Northeast Corridor, included installing one and a half miles of a new, electrified main line third track, bridge replacement, and other improvements that eliminated a former two-track bottleneck. The change will result in improved on-time performance and a reduction in delays in the railroad section, officials stated.

On hand for the event were U.S. Sen. Chris Coons and Amtrak CEO Bill Flynn.

Delaware’s involvement reflects the third track’s ability to improve service from SEPTA, which had been running trains to Churchmans Crossing (near Delaware Park)  and Newark. Service has been suspended due to a sharp decline in people commuting to and from Philadelphia.

Delaware provides a subsidy for  SEPTA service. A new Newark train station is slated topen next year and will provide a more convenient option for Amtrak and SEPTA customers.

According to recent reports, Amtrak employs about 1,000 in Delaware, with training, administration, repair, dispatching, and other facilities.

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