A good news day

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Good afternoon,

Tired of Covid-19 news? I’m a charter member of that club.

But for the first time since the pandemic took hold in late March, there is plenty of reason for optimism.

This newsletter includes developments on vaccine distribution to frontline workers at Delaware hospitals and nursing homes and effective intravenous treatmentfor active cases in their early stages.

Pass on the information on antibody treatment to elderly loved ones.

Finally, there’s news of a filtration system that will take out 99.9 percent of Covid-carrying droplets is being installed today at the Farmers Insurance building in north Wilmington.

Yes, we will see stories on sometimes severe side effects, but in this era of instant news and half-baked analysis, look at the numbers.

Federal regulators are doing the same and doing your own fact-checking on social media posts.

In Washington, we seem to be inching toward a badly needed stimulus package. It’s loaded with shortcomings, but as the old saying goes, the “perfect should never be the enemy of the good.”

None of this is meant to minimize the tragic toll the virus is taking on Delaware. You can’t explain away 400 people in the hospital and 17 deaths over a two-day period.– Doug Rainey, chief content officer.

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