State Chamber dinner goes virtual in 2021 with 4 speakers and networking opportunities


The 184th Annual Dinner of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce will be a virtual event early next year with four keynote speakers and networking opportunities.

The January event, held this year on the 11th, typically attracts 1,000 or more people and is considered the state’s top business get-together.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event will be held virtually through the State Chamber’s virtual event platform, including networking and engagement opportunities.

The event typically features one keynote speaker. This year the State Chamber announced four keynote speakers around three themes: Diversity & Inclusion, Economic Forecasting, and New Political Climate.


Economic forecasting from JPMorgan Chase economist


James E. Glassman, managing director with JPMorgan Chase and head economist for Chase Commercial Banking, will explore what recovery will look like, what changes to business models are here to stay, and what practices may revert to the “old normal.”

Sen. Booker discusses diversity & inclusion. 

US Senator Cory Booker, D-New Jersey, will discuss building the pipeline of talent within the Black and Brown communities so that candidate pools for businesses in every industry and size are populated with qualified candidates.


Kristol, Welker to examine the political landscape

William Kristol, founder, and director of Defending Democracy Together, political analyst, and network television commentator, will explore how the events of 2020 are redefining our political landscape and future.

Kristen Welker, co-anchor of Weekend Today and White House correspondent for NBC News, will share her perspective on covering Washington, the Trump and Obama Administrations, and President-elect Biden. Welker, who grew up in the Philadelphia area, is a former reporter for the city’s NBC affiliate.  She earned high marks for moderating the second presidential debate and will share how she prepared for the debate and offer her perspective on the 2020 presidential campaign trail.

Josiah Marvel Cup award

Another highlight of the Annual Dinner is the presentation of the Josiah Marvel Cup, the award that honors a Delawarean who has made an outstanding contribution to the state, community, or society. Past winners in recent years have included Gerrett and Tatiana Copeland, Joshua Martin III and Cynthia Primo Martin, President-Elect Joseph R. Biden, Jr., and Dr. Jill Biden, E. Norman Veasey, O. Francis Biondi, and Carroll M. Carpenter. The honoree is held in confidence until the event.

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