Chase credit card unit announces buy now, pay later feature

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The Wilmington-based Chase credit card business officially announced My Chase Plan, a digital ‘buy now, pay later’ feature available on eligible Chase consumer credit cards. My Chase Plan allows cardmembers the option to pay off a purchase over a period of time with no interest. Instead, a fixed monthly fee is charged.

Cardmembers, with eligible Chase cards will have the flexibility to select a recent, eligible transaction and choose a repayment timeframe and monthly payment amount. The minimum purchase is $100.

According to a recent consumer survey from Chase, 52. percent of respondents said shopping and staying on budget for gifts is their biggest holiday challenge this season. My Chase Plan can serve as tool to help break up holiday purchases over time, a release stated.

Since the pandemic, Chase has moved away from balance transfer check offers that add to credit card balances, but come with low interest rates for a year or so. Cardholders also pay an upfront fee.

Upon starting a My Chase Plan, customers are presented with the monthly payment amount, Plan fee, and payment duration options ranging from three to 18 months;

“We developed My Chase Plan to provide our cardmembers with more flexibility and control of their payment options,” said Anthony Cirri, General Manager- Lending and Pricing, Chase Card Services. “We are thrilled to offer My Chase Plan as a tool to help cardmembers make the most of their money and pay for their purchases over time. With the holidays fast approaching, this embedded card feature can be used to pay off gifts and everyday purchases alike.”

My Chase Plan allows eligible cardmembers to choose a payment plan for purchases of $100 or more with durations up to 18 months with no interest or prepayment penalty, with a fixed monthly fee. My Chase Plan also offers a calculator that will approximate what a particular ‘Plan’ might cost before the purchase is made. Cardmembers will continue to earn rewards as they do today.

Chase’s recent survey of more than 1,000 U.S.-based adults also found:

  • Over 30 percent of consumers have been saving money specifically for purchasing gifts
  • 40 percent of consumers say they are taking a different approach to gift-giving this year
  • 55 percent of consumers plan to focus on quality, not quantity, of gifts

To start using My Chase Plan, select an eligible, recent purchase from the “Recent Transactions” within your card account on or in the Chase Mobile App.

Eligible purchases of $100 or more will have a “Pay with My Chase Plan” option next to the transaction amount.

Cardmembers can also visit the My Chase Plan dashboard on or in the Chase Mobile App to see a list of eligible purchases, calculate plan options on a future purchase, or see details on their existing Plans.

For more information and to see eligible Chase credit cards, visit

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