A cliffhanger election


Good afternoon,

While running a couple of errands I stopped by the Chase Center on the Riverfront early last night.

There was no parking and the site was basically sealed off, but from I-95 you could see the preparations that took place, with cranes, several tractor-trailers and lit up Biden-Harris signs in and around the area.

Things did not go as hoped and former Vice President Joe Biden made a brief speech early this morning. Earlier, Democrats had coasted to victory in statewide races and even picked up a couple of State Senate seats that tighten their lock.

Biden expressed optimism about the outcome in spite of the stinging losses in Florida and Ohio.

The president followed a short time later with a speech that among other things claimed victory and included a demand that the Supreme Court halt the counting of ballots.

The overused word unprecedented once again applies here, with TV network anchors scrambling to justify their election projections and remind viewers the election was not decided.

The most controversial call was from Fox News which put Arizona into the Biden column. The widely followed Associated Press election desk later made the same move.

Biden winning the Grand Canyon state sharply reduces Trump’s path to victory.

Many of us in the East and Midwest were in bed by the time of the Biden and Trump remarks. Others may have catnapped while gulping down a few cups of coffee.

Pennsylvania remains a big question mark, with results likely to be contested and margins for Biden remain razor-thin in Wisconsin and Michigan after Trump piled up margins from same-day voting.

Democrats, despite seeing chances of taking control of the Senate slip away, have more reason for hope, even if the final outcome is not determined for days or even weeks. Doug Rainey, chief content officer.

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