18-case Covid-19 cluster found at Vaughn Correctional Center


The Delaware Department of Correction identified a cluster of inmate Coronavirus cases in one housing buildingat James T. Vaughn Correctional Center, the state’s largest prison.

The prison, at the edge of New Castle County, is located near Smyrna.

As cases spike in Delaware, the department had already implementeddaily temperature and pulse oxygen level checks for inmates at several prisons and work release centers, on top of other screening, testing, andcleaning efforts.

Since Friday screening measures andrapid COVID-19 tests have identified18 positive casesin onehousing building at Vaughn.

Six of the inmates are displaying no symptoms and 12 are displaying only minor symptoms. All have been moved to the prison’s Covid-19 Treatment Center.

Threeof the 18 JTVCC inmates who tested positivewere transferred in late September from out-of-state correctional facilities.

These inmatesreceived a Covid-19 test and tested negativebefore returning to Delaware, and weretested a second time in Delaware and tested negativewhile on a 14-day quarantine before entering the general prison population.

On Nov. 12theDOCtemporarily suspended in-person visitation statewide aspublic health officials report rapidly increasing numbers of positive test results and indications of significant community spread of the disease.

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