Rate of positive Covid-19 cases hits 8.1% mark


The Delaware Division of Public Health reported Monday that the rate of positive tests for coronavirus rose to 8.1 percent from 8 percent.

The number of new cases in the Monday report figures totaled 137 down from 153 a day earlier. Delaware had been seeing fewer than 100 positive cases a day in the summer.

The state reported on Monday reported no additional deaths from Covid-19 complications, after reporting three additional deaths in its Saturday report. The number of deaths has risen by nine in recent days.

The COVID-related deaths reported Monday was 645, unchanged in the past two days.

The latest report is based on information from Sunday night.

Friday report

Delaware’s rate of positive coronavirus cases was down slightly to 7.9 percent as of Wednesday night, the Delaware Division of Public Health reported on Friday.

A total of 146 positive cases were reported on Thursday night.

The positive case rate has been in the seven to eight percent range as positive tests increased in the Newark area and some Wilmington-area zip codes.

In the weeks leading up to Labor Day, the positive case rate had fallen into the four and a half percent range.A five percent figure is viewed as a sign of moderate spread of the virus.

For further information, check out the dashboard below from the State of Delaware or for a deeper dive into breakdownsby age, sex, race/ethnicity, at the statewide, county, and, in some cases, zip code or census tract level log on to:https://myhealthycommunity.dhss.delaware.gov/locations/state

(An earlier version of this story incorrectly listed the rate of positive cases at 8.2 percent)

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