Gubernatorial candidate Murray announces ‘Restoring Balance Plan”‘

Republican gubernatorial nominee Julianne Murray announced a Restoring Balance Plan.
The purpose of the plan is to break what she termed as the “adversarial climate between the state government and Delawareans.”
Murray proposed the following:
Listening tour
  • Every six months, Murray will hold a listening tour around the state to solicit input from Delawareans. These tours will open up the lines of communication. No longer will people need a lobbyist to have the ear of the Governor.

Open for business

  • Delaware has been losing businesses and their jobs to other states due to the difficult permitting process. Within the first 100 days, Murray will create a task force of business leaders and experts to analyze, reimagine, and expedite the state’s permitting process. She will cut the red tape strangling economic growth.

Inspector general

  • Murray will create an independent Office of the Inspector General to root out corruption, fraud and abuse of power.

Sunset commission

  • The Sunset Commission to review agencies, grants, programs, etc. to ensure that they are still relevant and that they have not outlived their purpose.

Office hours

  • Open office hours to address people’s issues with red tape.

Tax amnesty

  • Murray will work to pass tax amnesty giving people and businesses an opportunity to pay their taxes without penalties.

Ask the governor

  • Murray will set up radio appearances twice a month where she will take direct calls from listeners to answer their questions.

Unfunded mandates

  • Creation of a panel to review mandates.


  • Creation of evidence requirements in budget instructions for state agencies. This evidence based budgeting will ensure that funding is supported by research and data. todetermine the anticipated return on investment by comparing costs vs. benefits.
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