Burris’ salty Sussex venture


Good afternoon,

“I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I always have been,” Dave Burris noted in announcing his newest business via Facebook.

It would take a few paragraphs to list the  Sussex Countian’s activities that range from online publishing to real estate, with ventures in the ever-changing coastal restaurant scene thrown in for good measure.


I first touched base with Dave when he was operating a website design venture that oversaw the successful launch of the  MilfordLive  news site with then-partner and now State Rep. Bryan Shupe.

Dave comes from a family of entrepreneurs who created thousands of jobs in Delaware. His father, John Burris, headed the State Chamber and was active in Republican Party circles, serving as a legislator who went on to make a Senate run against Joe Biden.

Dave designed the first website for what was then known as Delaware Business Daily and a design for a weekly PDF news magazine, Delaware Business Bulletin. His efforts and vision were instrumental in getting this venture off the ground.

The  Business Daily and Bulletin were rebranded as DelawareBusinessNow, with a five-day-a-week newsletter becoming the core production.

Dave moved on, selling his interest in MiflordLive and taking a post with the State Senate Republican caucus. MilfordLive is now part of an online media group owned by supermarket exec  Chris Kenny, with Shupe still involved.

Burris recently left the Senate post and launched his new venture is Henlopen Sea Salt, a gourmet seasonings company that will produce a hand-harvested product.

You may have stumbled across the business of artisanal salt on cable food shows at those rare times when the channels are not airing kitchen gladiator clashes.

It turns out that Dave’s interest in salt dates back to the early days of this online venture.

“I made my first batch of sea salt from ocean water in 2012. I had learned about some other craft saltmakers, here in the US and beyond, and I figured if they could do it, so could I. My first batch could be scientifically referred to as salt, but it was pretty terrible,” Burris wrote.

It took time, but Burris reports he is ready to offer salt that adds something extra to your dishes minus the harsh touches that come with mass production.

You can find out more at Henlopen Sea Salt’s  Facebook page. – Doug Rainey, chief content officer.