Biden campaign donations far outpace Trump figures


The Philadelphia Business Journal (subscription) reported that Delaware Presidential candidate Joe Biden is far ahead of incumbent Donald Trump when it comes to campaign contributions.

A breakdown of campaign donations by zip code shows Biden outpacing Trump by an eight-to-one margin, according to the Business Journal

Biden’s home territory Hockessin-Montchani-Greenville, once a Republican stronghold, had nearly $144,000 in donations, compared to less than $5,000 for Trump.

The blue-collar 19804 zip code (Newport-Elsmere) had $3,000 in Biden donations, compared to zero for Trump.

The one zip code where Trump garnered more contritions than Biden was 19962 (Magnolia, Kent County). Trump received more than $825 in contributions, compared to $117 for Biden.

The Business Journal’s analysis did not include Sussex County, which is more of a stronghold for Trump than Kent.

Trump carried both Kent and Sussex counties in 2016.

Democrats have enjoyed a widening advantage in terms of party affiliation.

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