A good week for Delaware


Hello everyone,

It’s hard to believe, but Delaware had a good week on the economic front as we see no signs that the pandemic will magically disappear.

Some credit has to go to Amazon. The online giant confirmed it will add its fourth fulfillment center in the state at a site south of New Castle.

Congratulations are also in order for the behind-the-scenes work of Kent County, New Castle County, and the public-private Delaware Prosperity Partnership.

To the south, a manufacturer of packaging used by Amazon and others is inching toward the construction of a large plant that will employ more than 100. This is on top of the recent opening of a vinyl fencing plant and distribution center at the former PPG paint plant.

The projects come at a price.

The jobs created do not compare to the positions lost in recent decades with the downsizing and closing of the state’s two auto plants and other higher-wage workplaces.

It’s sad that the state never had a shot at another auto plant for any number of reasons that include the supply chain moving to the middle of the country and a desire for a non-union location.

Millions of dollars in state grants will also be used in return for guarantees of certain levels of employment Granted, the state’s high personal income tax rates will result in a rapid payback of those costs.

It would also be nice to see Amazon locate one of its administrative employment centers in Delaware.

In this world of remote work, the giant company could tap into our talented administrative-technical workforce without the overhead costs that come with locating in a crowded urban area.

At the risk of being accused of boosterism, I believe the recent wins should also put to rest the tired narrative of the state is a bad place to do business.

Yes, changes are needed. Outmoded beliefs on both sides of the spectrum need to be cast aside.

Instead, we should have frank conversations rather than snarky Facebook or newsletter posts that play into the hands of out of state rivals.

Enjoy your weekend, now that our latest storm appears to have passed. – Doug Rainey, chief content officer.

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