UD dashboard show no spike in coronavirus cases


The University of Delaware’s new coronavirus dashboard reported that 31 students and staff have tested positive for Covid-19 since Aug. 31.

Results from Saturday showed four new students tested positive with no new staff cases. On Wednesday 10 people, all students tested positive for Covid-19

A total of 57 students and staff tested positive in a pre-arrival order that called for all people to take tests before setting foot on campus.

The results, based on more than 7,000 tests of students and staff, indicate that about 1 percent have tested positive.That is well belowthe 5 percent reported in Delaware over a seven-day average and reports of outbreaks at other universities.

Current results may not include students who received tests in other states or through some health providers, the dashboard reported.

Between mid-March and Aug.30, a total of 37 students and staff tested positive.An event tied to the University of Delaware was the first reported outbreak of Covid-19 in Delaware.

Cases include students and employees who have physically been on campus in the days leading up to testing positive and students living in off-campus housing within downtown Newark.

The arrival of students has stoked fears in Newark of an outbreak, similar to the ones seen at campuses around the country. Parties have been cited as a factor in the outbreaks.

It could take a couple of weeks to determine whether parties or a lack of mask-wearing or social distancing result in a spike in cases.

Newark Police did report breaking up a party attended by 75 people, with three cited and subject to fines and disciplinary action by the University of Delaware. The limit on outdoor gatherings in Newark has been lowered to 20.

The bulk of classes at the university are being held in a virtual format.

Detailed information about COVID cases and testing within the State of Delaware can be found on Delaware’s My Healthy Communities Dashboard.

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