State Labor Department announces extension of jobless benefits

The Delaware Department of Labor announced the extension of unemployment benefits, triggered by Delaware’s high jobless rate.
Delaware’s three-month averaged, seasonally adjusted unemployment rate as of August 2020, is 10.6 percent.
Delaware has ranked at or near  the top 15 among the 50 states  in its jobless rate since the Covid-19 pandemic took hold in March.
Primarily federally funded, the “High Extended Benefits” program kicks in when the state’s unemployment rate averages eight percent or higher for three consecutive months. It offers claimants an additional seven weeks of extended benefits for a total of 20 weeks.
It also extends the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program for another seven weeks, offering a total of 46 weeks of unemployment insurance benefits to eligible Delawareans.
State Labor Secretary Cerron Cade said, “This expansion of benefits will provide much needed assistance for Delawareans whose eligibility for Extended Benefits was due to expire at the end of September. With the expiration of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation and the short period during which the FEMA Lost Wage Assistance program is active, this provides seven additional weeks of the safety net for the long-term unemployed. This extension of benefits will help workers for as long as the state remains above the three-month average threshold.”
Claimants can expect to be notified by mail of the extension, according to the Department of Labor, they must continue to file their weekly certification and will not need to complete a separate application.
High Extended Benefits began September 19 and will remain in place until the three-month average for state unemployment falls below eight percent.
When the state “triggers off” of the High Extended Benefits program, claimants who have received 13 weeks of Extended Benefits will receive two additional weeks before benefits are ended.
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