Not a great moment for Delaware or the nation

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Tuesday night’s dumpster fire of a debate between Delaware’s Joe Biden and President Donald Trump came with a couple of mentions tied to the former senator’s state of residence.

Trump mostly targeted the neighboring city up the river. “Bad things happen in Philadelphia,” Trump said in blaming Democratic governors and mayors for crime and civil unrest. It did not take long before a T-shirt offer appeared.

In questioning the mental fitness of Biden, Trump did bring up the claim that the former vice president once intimated that he attended Delaware State University. He also tossed in a line about Biden’s grades.

The reference came out of a Washington Times story regarding Biden remarking that he got his start at the university. A DSU spokesman sent out a statement prior to the debate that Biden was referring to announcing his bid for public office at the Historically Black University.

Biden did refer to his upbringing in blue-collar Claymont as Trump continued his long-running claim that suburbs are under assault.

And as expected, the president turned to the activities of Biden’s son Hunter now the target of an investigation by Senate Republicans.

Rules of the debate were largely ignored, with moderator Chris Wallace saying that the president was the biggest violator.

Amid the back and forth, we did not hear that much about the economy or coronavirus, the two biggest issues.

Biden, pretty much kept his cool, although we could have done without the “shut up man” and “clown” remarks. Many Biden backers liked the lines.

All in all, it was a bad moment for Delaware and the nation as the spectacle or as one pundit put it “s*it show” played out on the world stage. So far, plans call for two more of these things. I can hardly wait. – Doug Rainey

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