Delaware stays on the Tri-State quarantine list


blankDelaware is an island of red as its higher rate of Covid-19 cases keeps it in the quarantine zone. Neighboring East Coast states have moved into the green zone.

The states of Connecticut, New Jersey and New York removed Maryland, Arizona, California and Arizona from the list in their Tuesday update. Neighboring Maryland also left the list.

States below the Mason-Dixson line, other than Maryland remained in the red zone.

Delaware went on the list a week ago and with a 7 percent rate this week seems destined to remain on the list for a while. Gov. John Carney said that returning college students and social events contributed to the uptick. Two weeks ago, Delaware had posted a rate in the mid-four-percent range.

The order has led to cancellations at hotels and sort term rentals in the state.

The order strongly recommends that persons traveling to and from the states self-quarantine for two weeks.

Enforcement has been spotty, although the State of New York, at one point, flagged vehicles at toll plazas and airports.

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