Delaware pays out more than $890 million in jobless benefits


The Delaware Department of Labor has paid out more than $890 million in jobless claims since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s the equivalent of $900 for every resident of the state.

A combination of money from the federal government and the state’s unemployment insurance program fund the benefits. Employees and employers fund the insurance program.

blankDelaware is expected to use funds from the federal Cares Act to help keep its program solvent and avoid big tax increases for employers and employees.

In a graphic released on Thursday, the Labor Department listed the following:

  • 138,191 unemployment insurance claims filed from March 14 to Sept. 12.
  • 1,598 initial claims received from Sept. 6 through Sept. 12

Total benefits paid through Sept. 12 (pandemic period beginning in Mid March)

  • $807,862,906 in unemployment benefits paid
  • $559,263,044 paid from Federal Government
  • $235,029,296 paid from Delaware Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund
  • 11,584 Pandemic Unemployment Assistance claims filed since May 16
  • 9,817 Pandemic Unemployment Assistance claims paid since May 16
  • $85,781,190 in Pandemic Unemployment Assistance benefits paid since May 16.

The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program expired at the end of July. The program paid out $600 a week in benefits.

Delaware has seen a decline in weekly jobless claims, although the figure has flattened and not dropped further.

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