Corrections sees nine positive Covid-19 cases at Plummer work release center

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The Delaware Department of Correction is dealing with several positive coronavirus tests at the Plummer Community Corrections Center in Wilmington.

Last weektwo work release offenders from Plummer tested positive for Covid-19, corrections spokesman Jason Miller wrote in an email message.

Miller noted that all work release offenders are tested proactively each week, are monitored for symptoms, and are housed separately from other inmates at the facility.

As a result of the two positive test results, every Plummer Center offender receiveda Covid-19 test and is receiving daily symptom checks for the next two weeks.

Plummer Center work release and visitation have been temporarily suspended as part of the COVID-19 mitigation efforts on-site.

Additional test results came through the weekend As of Monday morning, nine positive Plummer Center positiveinmate test results have been reported. One person has symptoms.

The results cam.e from 89 rapid Covid tests that have beencompleted and a portion of the 80+ follow-up tests that have been administered andare still being processed.

The department also reported two positive tests results from Howard Young and Vaughn correctional sites.

Corrections facilities and universities continue to be closely watched for outbreaks, due to people living in close proximity.

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