Coronavirus update: Positive case rate hits 6.8% as outbreaks make way to nursing homes


The Delaware Division of Public Health reported the rate of positive cases rose to 6.8 percent on Sunday, up from 6.4 percent as of Saturday night.

The rate had been in the seven percent range as positive cases increased in the Newark area and some Wilmington-area zip codes. In the weeks leading up to Labor Day, the positive case rate had fallen into the four and a half percent range.

A 5 percent figure is viewed as a sign of moderate spread of the virus.

The number of deaths rose by one on Saturday to 634.

On Friday the division report outbreaks of Covid-19 at long-term care facilities.

Facilities where significant ongoing outbreaks are occurring include:

  • Kentmere Rehabilitation and Health Care Center in Wilmington; 28 residents and 24 staff members
  • Cadia Healthcare Silverside in Wilmington; 19 residents and less than 10 staff members
  • Country Rest Home in Greenwood; 18 residents and 14 staff members

Staff members may include health care and non-healthcare personnel, such as facility vendors or other individuals working in the long-term care facility who may not be full-time facility employees.

While the reason for the cases remains under investigation, the division noted that indoor visitation has not been implemented at any of the impacted facilities.

In addition, the availability of personal protective equipment also does not appear to be a driving factor in these outbreaks.

The DHSS Division of Public Health and Division of Health Care Quality are working with impacted facilities to ensure infection control measures are in place.

Earlier this week, all long-term care facilities in the state were issued updated guidance to test all staff weekly, and all bi-weekly testing schedules were suspended. Previously, bi-weekly testing schedules were permitted for facilities that had no new infections for a minimum of 14 days.

Nursing home residents have accounted for about six in ten deaths from Covid-19. The inability to drive down the rate of positive cases continues to pose a threat to vulnerable populations, public health officials have stated.

One individual had an underlying health condition and one was a resident of a long-term care facility.

The additional deaths increased Delaware’s total number of Covid-19 related deaths to 633.

For further information, check out the dashboard below from the State of Delaware or for a deeper dive into breakdownsby age, sex, race/ethnicity, at the statewide, county, and, in some cases, ZIP code or census tract level log on to:

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