Coons reports mail-sorting machinery was re-installed at Hares Corner site


U.S. Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) praised the reported reinstallation of mail-sorting machinery at the New Castle (Hares Corner) USPS Mail Processing and Distribution Center.

“While I’m glad to hear that changes are being made at this facility, all of us should be concerned about whether the same types of issues are occurring at hundreds or even thousands of USPS locations across the country,” Coons said. “It shouldn’t take a United States senator applying pressure to make sure that our postal service prepares for the biggest vote-by-mail turnout we’ve ever seen. Postmaster General DeJoy and the Trump Administration should be working day and night to ensure that every American can safely, securely, and reliably cast their ballot by mail this fall – not to mention the timely delivery of newspapers, medications, mortgage statements, and other critical correspondence.”

President Trump has claimed the Postal Service cannot handle a surge of mail-in ballots. He has also claims that mail-in voting will lead to widespread election fraud. DeJoysaid he did not agree with the president on his claim that the Postal Service could not handle mail-in votes.

The Delaware Republican Party also filed suit against a state law that mails ballots to registered voters and one GOP legislator said he was mailed a Democratic party ballot. State elections officials say safeguards prevent duplicate ballots.

Coons paid a Aug. 19 surprise visit to the USPS facility in New Castle amid reports that the DeJoy had ordered the removal of mail-sorting machinery around the country. DeJoy had claimed a sharp decline in first-class mail was responsible and that space was needed for the USPS package business.

Employees there reported a late-night operation to dismantle and remove various types of letter-handling machinery at Quigley Boulevard.

Postal officials said Coons could not tour the facility.

“Management is attempting to clean up the building,” stated one employee, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “They have told our maintenance people to rush to remove the remaining machines that they are taking apart. Telling them to tape up the floor where the broken tiles are exposing possible asbestos.”

Coons reported mail sorting machines had been left on a dock exposed to rain.

DeJoy later said he would delay any further removal of machinery until after the election.

There were reports around the nation about machinery and the postal service’s mailboxes being removed

Coons is currently running for a third term in the Senate.

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