Carney’s coronavirus approval rating rises to 60%


Delaware Gov. John Carney’s job rating during the coronavirus pandemic has recovered from a decline over the summer.

In this case, Carney, who has talked about flattening the coronavirus, is happy with signs of a “V” shaped approval rating as he seeks a second term.

The September report from a consortium of universities – Harvard, Northeastern, Northwestern and Rutgers, showed the Delaware governor getting a 60 percent rating in late August after falling into the low-50s in July.

The report came after the federal government left much of the response to Covid-19 to the nation’s governors.

Carney’s rating remains lower than the figure for Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, but well above the approval rate for Pennsylvania’s Gov. Tom Wolf.

blankCarney has faced criticism from those urging an end to the current emergency declaration and some on the left who believed he moved too fast in the reopening process.

In neighboring New Jersey, the state has just started allowing indoor dining while that option has been available throughout the summer in Delaware.

Carney, a Democrat, has one opponent in the Sept. 15 primary and will more than lately face the winner in a crowded six-candidate Republican field.

GOP candidates have taken Carney to task for keeping the emergency order in place, claiming that efforts to further “flatten the curve of positive cases” have severely damaged the state’s economy.

The average governor saw his or her approval slip another 3 points in August to 48 percent. President Trump, who started from a much lower point, rebounded slightly from his low point of approval of 32 percent in July to 34 percent in August.

Governors who have suffered particularly precipitous drops in the last month include the governors of California (Newsom), Virginia (Northam), and Florida (DeSantis). California and Florida saw outbreaks of coronavirus.

See full report below:

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