Carney extends State of Emergency


As expected, Gov. John Carney on Thursday formally extended theState of Emergency declarationanother 30 days and issued the following statement:

“Delawareans have made real sacrifices to flatten the Covid-19 curve and keep their families, friends and neighbors healthy. But if we hope to get more children in school, and more Delawareans back to work, we need to stay vigilant, especially this Labor Day weekend. Wear a face covering and avoid large gatherings. Wash or sanitize your hands frequently. Keep your distance from others outside your household. We’re beating COVID-19, but this fight isn’t over.”

Many of the nation’s governor’s have extended their State of Emergency orders and in some cases have gone back on decisions to open bars and other sites.

Delaware has been unable to further “flatten the curve” of new cases. below four percent. Still, the state not seen a surge in cases reported in Florida, Texas, California and other states.

Wednesday figures from the Delaware Division of Public Health showed Delaware seeing about 100 daily cases this week. The percentage of positive cases fell to 4.6 percent from 4.9 percent.

The State of Emergency is expected to an election year issue, with most if not all of the half a dozen GOP candidates for governor calling for an end of the order.

Legislation was introduced last year aimed at limiting the governor’s ability to extend the order.

Carney’sState of Emergency declaration– including each of its modifications – carry enforcement penalties.

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