(Corrected) Beach bar seating ban may end this weekend


The Delaware Restaurant Association anticipates that restrictions on bar seating in Coastal Sussex County.

Bar seating had been banned in some eastern Sussex zip codes, although patrons could be served drinks at the table.

Smaller beach bars were said to have taken a hit from the restrictions.

Restrictions are expected to be as follows at bars in many beach area zip codes.

  • Guests seated at bar must have reservations
  • Guests seated at bar must also order food
  • Guests seated at the bar must be socially distanced from those of different households

Bar seating was banned after an outbreak of Covid-19 took place in beach areas among hospitality workers and lifeguards. The outbreak was also tied to senior week at the beach.

Covid-19 cases are still running higher than the state figures at the beach.

The restaurant group had strongly supported stepped up Covid-19 testing, which took place after the outbreak was reported.

Jamie Mack of the Delaware Division of Public Health reported today that conditions had improved in beach areas and could lead to relaxed restrictions.

The requirement had not been widely followed. Guests are still expected to wear masks when going to the restrooms. Congregating in a small area is also banned.

The association had strongly opposed requiringmasks at all times/when seated at tables.

An updated Executive Order from the Governor is expected later this week.

The new beach bar guidelines call for the following:

  • Guests seated at the bar must have a reservation Guests seated at the bar must order food (cannot only order drinks)
  • Guests seated at the bar must socially distance from those not from the same household
  • Bar Seating/Service may resume “this weekend.”

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(Correction): The Restaurant Association suggested the mask regulation might be loosened. However, the current rules on using face masks while in the presence of servers, remains in effect).

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