Weather Service confirms tornado, straight winds responsible for damage in ‘Chateau Country’


Third tornado reported in Milford area

The National Weather Service in Mount Holly, NJ confirmed a third tornado in a week in Delaware.

The latest confirmed twister came out of Tropical Storm Isaias on Tuesday and caused damage in the Milford area. No injuries were reported, although a woman in the Milford area died when a tree branch fell after Isias passed through.

Another tornado that day took a 29-mile route that extended from Dover to Glasgow.


The Weather Service earlier confirmed that a Friday evening tornado with high winds led to damage along a three and a half-mile path in an area west of Wilmington.

Other damage is believed to have come around the same time from straight winds that took down trees and powerlines. About 2,000 Delmarva Power customers remain without service.

No injuries have been reported.


The combination of straight-line wind and tornadoes came in the vicinity of the home of Presidential candidate Joe Biden. The area of rolling hills is sometimes known as “Chateau County,” a reference to past holdings of duPont family members and associates.

The tornado touched down about 5:45 p.m. near the Nature Center, damaging some trees and moved southeast to the Swallow Hill area, where it took down trees across Pyles Ford Road. Multiple trees were snapped at the trunk with one tree falling on the roof of a home.

The tornado continued to damage trees as it moved toward Kennett Pike where it damaged trees near the entrance to the Wilmington County Club. The twister went on to damage 200 trees at the club itself.

The tornado continued toward the DuPont County Club. No damage was reported in that area.

Separately, a swath of straight-line wind damage was reported south of the tornado track.

Those winds, associated with a powerful thunderstorm, caused damage in an area east of Hoopes Reservoir and took down trees near Centreville Road and Barley Mill Road as well as Hillside Road.

Trees were uprooted and fell on wires and poles in the Fairthorne area, with trees uprooted and damaged in Greenville Manor and the Montchanin area.

The straight winds in some cases approached 100 miles an hour based on tree damage. Straight winds also moved into Wilmington in the area of Rockford Park. Major damage to trees ended around the Delaware Art Museum, with sporadic damage toward the intersection of I-95 and Concord Pike.

Trees were taken down in Haynes Park near Miller Road and a Home Depot store.

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