The bots did it


Good afternoon,

You might have noticed that this newsletter arrived a few hours late on Tuesday.

It turned out that in all likelihood spambots had been at work.

Readers who are engaged in Email marketing and may have seen the same thing happen with their audience lists.

While the audience for this newsletter has doubled over the past year with the number of opens  keeping pace,  we had become concerned about an influx of  suspicious sign-ups.


Systems in place at our Email supplier Mailchimp saw the same thing and red-flagged the addresses.

In this case, we noticed an influx of Canadian addresses. Since we haven’t covered  the Flyers playoff run,  something else was at work.

Additionally, our newsletter has also returned to the previous opt-in system, which comes with a confirmation Email.  Mailchimp has allowed the option of instant opt-in as it beefed up surveillance measures.

The bots are clever and the cat and mouse game will continue.

None of this affects the security of your computer. Systems in place continually check for attacks that won’t affect your computer or smart device but could disable or slow down our site. In a few cases, your corporate system will bar access to any news links.

As always, thanks for your support and check out links to today’s top stories. – Doug and Sharon Rainey