State jobless benefit payout during pandemic totaled nearly $830 million


In its weekly update, the Delaware Department of Labor reported it has paid out nearly $830 million in jobless benefits since the coronavirus pandemic took hold in mid-March.

The most recent weekly payout totaled nearly $14 million.

The bulk of the money came from conventional unemployment benefits, with the state’s insurance fund kicking in about a quarter of the total costs.

Delaware has made headway in paying out money under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program that offered benefits for the self-employed and others not under the unemployment insurance system.

About 80 percent of those who applied for the program have received benefits.

Earlier, Gov. John Carney stated that the state could not afford its share of benefits that came out of an executive order from President Trump. Trump said the program will provide up to $400 a week in benefits above and beyond current payments.

A $600 a week payment has gone away after Congress and the administration could not agree on another Covid-19 CARES bill.

The state is covering its jobless benefit costs from money received under CARES Act legislation but is expected to borrow money from the federal government as the unemployment remains at historic highs.

See the graphic below for more details.


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