Spokesman for start-up says Sussex could be in the running for electric SUV plant


The Cape Gazette  is reporting that a start-up company that wants to build a large truck-like passenger vehicle  is eying Sussex County as a production site.

Robert Richards, a spokesman for Triton, told the newspaper that the  company plans to get in touch with county and state officials about a production site for the vehicle.

Triton has ties to the region, with its headquarters in Cherry Hill, NJ.

The company has released renderings of a vehicle the size of a Chevrolet Suburban or Ford Expedition.

Richards said he prefers Sussex County, after spending  summers working at the beach.

Back in April  Triton Solar,  announced the vehicle. Triton Model H   electric SUV is designed to accommodate eight people, along with 200 cubic feet of luggage space and  1,500 horsepower electric motors that could run up to 700 miles on one charge. The company has been taking pre-orders.

The news comes at a time when Tesla  has  the highest stock market value of any auto company,  with other start-ups securing billions of dollars in funding. One venture securing funding comes  from Henrik Fisker, who plans to build a smaller SUV than the one proposed by Triton.

About a decade ago, Fisker was able to secure hundreds of millions in federal money as well as a financial  package from the State of Delaware to build a hybrid electric car at the former GM Boxwood plant in northern Delaware.

Fisker went into bankrupty proceedings after the federal government pulled the plug on its loan.

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