Updated: Delaware back on list of quarantine states as rate of positive cases shows uptick


As expected, Delaware is back on the quarantine list.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that Alaska had also been added to the list that is now coming with enforcement teeth, with stops at toll plazas and airport screening. It was not immediately clear if enforcement is continuing on the highways.

New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey typically require those coming to the state to stay in quarantine for two weeks once they arrive once a state lands on the quarantine list.

Delaware has been on an off the list in recent weeks, a move that has drawn fire from Gov. John Carney.

Wednesday’s Covid-19 summary from the state reported the percentage of positive tests at 4.4 percent, based on seven and  14-day averages. 


Contributing to the higher figure in Delaware was the addition of tests from an outbreak of the virus at the Sussex Correctional Institution. Corrections officials said they were able to contain the virus and  most inmates showed few or no symptoms.

Sussex County has been the scene of previous outbreaks at poultry plants and in beach areas. The county accounts for about 37 percent of all cases, even though it has about a quarter of the state’s population.

New York, after seeing thousands of deaths from coronavirus, has moved slowly on reopening the state and has seen the rate of positive tests drop to 1 percent.

New York Gov. Cuomo Tuesday announced that gyms can reopen. Delaware gyms have been open throughout the summer

Additional demographic data on COVID-19 cases and deaths, including race/ethnicity, more age-specific data and rates information by ZIP code, and information on Delaware’s contact tracing efforts can be found on the Division of Public Health’s My Healthy Community data portal at de.gov/healthycommunity.

Also available is the Division of Public Health’s dashboard below.