Comcast announces partnership program for Internet Essentials program


Comcast announced a new program for cities, schools, and nonprofits to connect larger numbers of low-income K-12 students to the Internet at home.

The “Internet Essentials Partnership Program” is designed to help accelerate Internet adoption as online.instruction is expected to continue.

“We’ve seen firsthand that low-cost Internet access is an important part of improving digital equity and creating positive opportunities for low-income students and families,” said Dana Strong, president of Xfinity Consumer Services. “Through this new partnership program, we are accelerating the efforts of cities, schools, philanthropies, nonprofits, and private citizens to collaborate and open the doors of Internet access for more families in need.”

In nearly ten years,Internet Essentialshas become the nation’s largest alow-income Internet adoption program.

It offers households broadband Internet service for $9.95 a month, the option to purchase a heavily subsidized computer, and multiple options for digital literacy training.

Comcast also announced it is giving all Internet Essentials customers its xFi platform, which enables parents to control and manage their children’s WiFi connected devices.

The program also includes the usual two months of free Internet service for new Internet Essentials customers.

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Comcast is providing all Internet Essentials customers free access to xFi, which is a simple, digital dashboard that enables customers to set up and manage their home WiFi.

With it, they can see what devices are connected, set safe-browsing modes so children can only access age-appropriate content, get notifications about activity on their home WiFi, and have the ability to pause devices for dinner or bedtime.

Comcast has not received universal praise for the Internet Essentials program with critics noting that some parents can’t afford even a $10 monthly charge. It has also been noted that Internet speeds are slow under the program.

There have been calls for subsidized broadband service for the nation’s poorest families.

Education activists in Philadelphia have called for free Internet for Philadelphia school children. Comcast is based in Philadelphia.

In response, Comcast noted that it has been working with the City of Philadelphia and other organizations in providing access to those with low incomes. Comcast also says that current broadband speeds can handle most online learning systems.

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