Carney talks about NJ quarantine, Sussex cases in weekly press conference


Gov. John Carney says the state continues to keep a close eye on the higher rate of coronavirus cases in Sussex County.

At his weekly press conference on coronavirus, Carney expressed his frustrations with the on again, off again quarantine orders from New Jersey, New York, and other states. As of today, Delaware is off the list.

Carney had what he called a “shouting match” with New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy over the restriction.

According to Carney, Delaware remains well below the benchmark of positive cases that put states on quarantine lists.

However, older cases that are reported in Delaware are simply added into the latest stats and boost the percentage of positives. Delaware, by contrast, records those cases on the day the test was made.

More than once, Carney has said the metrics used by those states “make no sense.”

Carney conceded that the hangover of cases from outbreaks in the poultry industry and beach areas contributed to the higher rate of cases. However, he added that more needs to be done to drive down rates among young people in the county.

Delaware is not alone in seeing the spike in cases in beach areas and among young people.

State Division of Public Health director, Dr. Karyl Rattay said the decision to require masks for kindergarteners came after a recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics and evidence that most children are able to tolerate.

The order released yesterday drew an outcry in some quarters.

In other developments:

  • Carney praised the decision by Newark City Council to limit the size of gatherings to a figure below state restrictions. He cited recent outbreaks of coronavirus on campuses around the country as a reason for the restrictions.
  • Delaware Division of Emergency Management Director A.J. Schall said the number of Covid-19 tests has declined. Factors include weather-related cancellations and a lack out outbreaks that lead to residents lining up for tests.
  • Dr. Rattay said parents need to keep their children up to state on immunizations. Immunization rates fell during stay at home orders but rose as the state reopened.
  • Carney again said the state needs to get the rate of positive cases into the three percent rate to allow for fewer restrictions on school openings.
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