Public Service Commission warns about electric pitches that use Delmarva caller ID


The Delaware Public Service Commission reports it has received numerous complaints of third-party electricity suppliers “spoofing” phone numbers in an effort to sign up households for new service contracts.

Customers report that the phone calls come in on caller ID as being from the Delmarva Power emergency line or customer service department.

Without identifying themselves, callers will attempt to persuade customers to change their electricity supplier, promising savings on their utility bills.

The PSC is investigating and working to determine the source of these calls.

The spoofing has been reported from time to time in past months.

Delaware, like other states, has electric choices, which allows Delmarva Power business and residential customers to choose their supplier, with Delmarva still delivering the electricity.

Municipal utilities and cooperatives do not offer supplier options.

Suppliers sometimes offer lower prices for a limited period of time or options such as electricity generated from wind or solar.

Delmarva smoothes out rates by buying electricity from more than one supplier over longer periods of time.

Authorized suppliers generally confine their marketing efforts to mailed materials.

For additional information and a list of questions you should ask callers, visit

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