Newark Council delays action on ban on bar seating and 10-person limit on gatherings

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The Newark City Council delayed action on a proposal that would eliminate bar service and limit gatherings to 10 people.

The Newark Post reported that Mayor Jerry Clifton wanted to meet with business orders to discuss the measure, which had drawn opposition.

The bar ban would be similar to an emergency order issued in Delaware beach towns after and an outbreak of coronavirus in that area.

However, Newark has not seen an outbreak since the early days of the pandemic when several cases were reported after a get-together of members of the University of Delaware community.

The ordinance would have banned sit-down bar service and congregating around the bar. However, beverages can be served at the table.

The limit on gatherings comes as parties and other gatherings have been linked to outbreaks of coronavirus in Delaware and around the country.

Click here for a copy of the proposed emergency ordinance.

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