New Castle County vendor sends out bills to property owners who pay through escrow accounts


New Castle County officials have been told that a vendor mistakenly sent property tax bills to nearly 51,000 owners who make payments through their lender.

The county will notify those affected by letter. Property taxes are due at the end of September.

According to the county,real estate tax bill files to Rev Springs, the printing vendor for imaging, printing, and mailing of tax bills.

For those with mortgages that pay property taxes through their lender, the vendor is tasked with creating images for the county, which are not to be printed and mailed.

These taxable accounts should not have received a bill because their tax data is provided electronically to their mortgage lender, who in turn pays New Castle County directly through the escrow account.

Residents do not receive bills, but receive an annual statement from the mortgage company that lists any increases in the tax. Taxpayers in Christina and other districts will see higher tax bills this year, due to approvals of referendums.

The Office of Finance is working with the vendor to identify all affected accounts so that a letter can be generated.

New Castle County’s Office of finance is updating the website. Click herefor information.

The billing snafu was reminiscent the time when the administration of former County Executive Tom Gordon sent out what appeared at first glance to be property tax bills.

The mailer, which carries a “this is not a bill disclaimer,” was designed let taxpayers know that the county only accounts for a small portion of the total property tax bill. Schools account for the majority of the bill. Still, the mailing did result in confusion

Property tax records are public and residents with escrow accounts should check those records at around the time taxes are due to see if the mortgage company has paid taxes. Unpaid property taxes are subject to hefty late fees.

Snafus can occur when homes are refinanced or a lender sells the mortgage and the bill is not paid.

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