Most top stories in July had ties to the pandemic


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AlthoughDelaware Business Now’svisitor traffic returned to something closer to pre-pandemic figures, the focus of readers continues to be the virus’s effects on the economy.

Of the 20 stories with the most page views, only a couple have no direct ties to Covid-19.

The most popular story carried a listing and database of companies that received funds under the Payroll Protection Program.

The listing came after demands from U.S. senators for more transparency, after charges that minority-owned and other main street businesses got the short end of the stick while deep-pocketed companies put their bankers and accountants to work to secure money.

Further down in the ranking is a candidate listing that included a half a dozen GOP hopefuls running for governor, at least partly due to anger downstate over Gov. John Carney’s emergency order.

The number had been seven. However, northern Delaware businessman Neil Shea decided to drop out of the race after his candidacy got off to a rocky start.

The founder of Bellefonte Brewing took heat for what appeared to be sponsorship of a reopen Delaware event downstate.

That did not sit well among some of the brewery’s more liberal customers.

Shea announced he had dropped out of the management of the brewery and later ended his bid.

Other reopening candidates, including the unpredictable perennial candidate Scott Walker, perhaps best known for homemade signs that in the past have been nailed to trees.

Taking a second shot at the office is Sen. Colin Bonini, who took on Gov. John Carney the first time around. Bonini is best known as a fiscal hawk who always votes against the state budget.

Below are links to the top stories:

  1. Updated: Search feature offers a look into Payroll Protection loans in Delaware, nationwide
  2. NASCAR confirms August races at Dover, but will fans be in the stands?
  3. Delaware Tech to remain online this fall
  4. Owner of Crossroads Restaurant property confirms that the previous operator won’t return
  5. $600 a week jobless benefit gone, at least for now
  6. Delaware State University to acquire Wesley College
  7. Pennsylvania adds Delaware to the quarantine recommendation list
  8. Public Health confirms mix-up in not reporting positive Covid-19 test results.
  9. NERDIT NOW’s troubling tale in struggling to get Payroll Protection Program grant/loan.
  10. Delaware back on 3-state traveler quarantine list; governor ‘mad as hell’
  11. Delaware DMV goes to appointment-only policy for its lobbies
  12. Delaware offering extended jobless compensation as $600 a week benefit nears its end.
  13. Delaware now offers online driver’s license renewals
  14. Luxury apartment project at Bancroft Mills site to open early next year
  15. GE Aviation to lay off 194
  16. Beebe’s Tam was the right choice
  17. Philadelphia adds Delaware travelers to the quarantine list
  18. Delaware reports improved Covid-19 business compliance as the pace of inspections quickens
  19. A mid-sized bank-trust company embraces working from home
  20. A crowded field of Republican candidates file papers in a primary battle for governor

It looks like we may be in for some nasty weather as the tropical storm heads up the coast. Stay safe. – Doug Rainey, chief content officer

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