Maryland governor issues Covid-19 travel advisories for a few ‘high risk’ states

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Family events seen as a risk factor in contact tracing efforts

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced that the state will issue health advisories for a few “high-risk states.” He also reported that family gatherings show up in coronavirus contact tracing cases.

Contact tracing is the process of identifying those who may have been exposed to a person testing positive for coronavirus.

Hogan stopped short of quarantine travel restrictions that New Jersey, New York and Connecticut have imposed on travel to and from Delaware and a majority of the 50 states. Delaware was recently added to a travel list by the mayor of Washington, D.C.

Hogan has taken pains not to lessen the impact of restrictions on the state’s tourism industry. Delaware officials have questioned the decision to allow Ocean City’s mayor to decide to open beaches and the boardwalk early.

Hogan also indicated that like neighboring Delaware Gov. John Carney, he will not move the state into Phase 3, which would lessen current restrictions.

This public health advisory—which takes effect immediately—applies to personal, family, or business travel. Marylanders are advised to postpone or cancel travel to these areas until positive cases rates decline.

The advisory applies to Florida, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Arizona, Alabama, South Carolina, Nebraska, and Idaho.

Delaware is below the five percent rate of positive rates that puts states on the list. However, a measurement in cases that can be tied to high test rates has put the First State on the New York area list.

Hogan also issued an expanded mask order.

Under the order, whichtakes effect on July 31 at 5 p.m., all persons over the age of five are required to wear face coverings in the public spaces of all businesses across the state. Masks had previously been required in retail stores.

Face coverings will also be required in outdoor public areas, whenever it is not possible to maintain physical distancing. The expanded order allows certain exceptions, that include medical conditions.

As of today, this advisory applies to Florida, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Arizona, Alabama, South Carolina, Nebraska, and Idaho.Read the travel advisory.

The governor also announced the following findings based on recent interviews conducted with COVID-19 patients:

  • Higher-Risk Gatherings (Percentage of Interviewed Cases):
    • Family gatherings – 44
    • House parties – 23
    • Outdoor event – 21
  • Higher-Risk Locations (Percentage of Interviewed Cases):
    • Work outside the home – 54
    • Indoor/retail shopping – 39
    • Indoor dining at restaurant – 23
    • Outdoor dining at restaurant – 23
  • Employment Information (Percentage of Interviewed Cases):
    • Health care – 25
    • Other – non-public facing – 23
    • Other – public facing – 13
    • Restaurant/food service – 12
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