Correction Department reports three inmates testing positive for Covid-19

The Delaware Department of Correction reported three inmates with ties to Sussex County tested positive for Covid-19.
The county has seen a higher incidence of coronavirus than New Castle or Kent County.
The following cases were reported:
  • One asymptomatic inmate from Sussex Correctional Institution (SCI) who contracted COVID-19 in the community. When the inmatearrived at thefacility last weekhe wasidentified as high risk when the intake process revealed that he had close contact with a COVID-19 patient in the community.The inmate was immediately isolated and a COVID-19 test was administered.
  • One inmate fromMorris Community Corrections Center (MCCC) who was transferred to that facility from SCI last week. The inmate hadbeen isolated andwas being closely monitored during his first 14 days at the facility as part of DOC’s COVID-19 protocol.
  • One inmate from SCI who received a COVID-19 test on July 1at an area hospital while being treated for amedical condition.
“Our aggressivescreening, monitoring, and testing procedures have worked as intended to identify new inmateCOVID-19 cases early, and these inmates are receiving excellent care,” Department of Correction Commissioner Claire DeMatteis said. “Today, just threeinmates statewide have COVID-19, while 141inmates have fully recovered.Our comprehensive mitigation strategyremains the key to containing this illness in our correctional system.”
Two of the threeCOVID-positive inmates have been transferred to the JTVCC COVID-19 Treatment Center, while the inmate from SCI who was diagnosedwith COVID at an area hospital remains at that hospital.
Contact tracing is being used toidentify, isolate and test individuals who came into sustained contact with the COVID-positive inmates.

Currently, sevenDOC staff across all DOC facilitiesand onehealthcare contractor assigned to aDOC facilityhave COVID-19,while 87 DOC staff and healthcare contractors assigned to DOC facilitieshave recovered from the illness.

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