Coronavirus dashboard – Positive case percentage remains below 5 benchmark


Monday report

The number of positive cases rose by 113, as of Sunday at 6 p.m.

The seven-day rolling average of positive cases to total tests remains at 4.3 percent, with Sunday’s results coming in at 3.7 percent.

A five percent figure is used by the World Health Organization to denote a lower level of community spread.

The number of deaths remained unchanged, although the number of people in critical condition was up slighty over the week rose to 18.

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Sunday report

A total of 114 positive cases were recorded in the Sunday report from the Delaware Division of Public Health. No deaths were reported.

The rate of positive cases was 4.3 percent, based on a seven-day rolling average.

The widely followed Johns Hopkins dashboard reports Delaware’s rate of positives at 4.6 percent, well below the eight percent-plus national rate. Hard-hit Florida is seeing a 19 percent rate on positive tests.

Hospitalizations in Delaware remain low. Nearly 3,000 were tested in the report, which covers a one-day period that ended at 6 p.m. on July 25.

Delaware has a high testing rate, which contributes to positive cases staying around 100. Health officials would like to see the number of positive cases drop further.

About 17 percent of the state’s population has been tested.

Saturday report

In its Saturday report, Delaware Division of Public Health reported one new Covid-19-related death – an individual from New Castle County who was 69 and with underlying health conditions – bringing the total to 579.

The number of new positive cases rose by104. A reduction of additional cases from previous days, due to a substantial number of duplicate cases, brought the total to 14,175.

Friday report

A Friday coronavirus report from the Delaware Division of Public Health reflects adjustments in data that raised the death toll.

The Division of Public Health shifted this week to posting a seven-day average of the percentage of persons who tested positive rather than a five-day rolling average. The seven-day average decreased from 4.9 percent as of July 16 to 4.2 percent as of Thursday, July 23.

In addition, DPH is announcing that after once again completing a review of death certificate records from the Delaware Vital Events Registration System (DelVERS).

In comparing that information to epidemiological surveillance data, DPH epidemiologists have identified 49 additional Covid-19 deaths that occurred between early May and late June, but were not previously reported to DPH through standard reporting procedures, but should be classified as confirmed or probable deaths, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) case definition.

The Division of Public Health announced a similar review last month, which resulted in 67 additional deaths being added to the state’s statistics. The epidemiology team at the Division of Public Health shared its Covid-19 death data with DPH’s Bureau of Health and Vital Statistics.

The bureau’s staff performed a review of the death certifications in the Delaware Vital Events Registration System that list either Covid-19 or SARS CoV-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19) as a cause of death or a significant condition contributing to death. The purpose of this review was to ensure that DPH is accurately capturing the total number of Covid-19 related deaths based on both epidemiology surveillance and death certificate data.

Of the 49 deaths added to the state’s total death count, 37 are classified as confirmed due to there being a positive lab result of Covid-19 in DPH’s surveillance system, and 12 deaths are classified as probable, as, per the CDC case definition, the death certificate indicated Covid-19 or SARS CoV-2 as a cause or contributing factor to death.

The Division of Public Health will continue to conduct periodic reviews of its Vital Records data each month to identify additional COVID-19 deaths, which could lead to ongoing increases in the state’s total number of COVID-19 deaths.

With the 49 additional COVID-19 related deaths added to the state’s statistics, 578 Delawareans have passed away due to complications from COVID-19.

For more data, including breakdowns by age, sex, race/ethnicity, at the statewide, county and, in some cases, at the ZIP code or census tract level log on to:

Information is also available below in an interactive dashboard below provided courtesy of the Delaware Division of Public Health. The dashboard contains links to MyHealthyCommunity data.

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