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For the past eight years, we haveprovided independent, no-agenda business coverage.

But digital-only sites have not been exempted from the wrenching changes taking place in the media world.

Some outlets have moved to “paywalls” that limit non-subscribers to a few stories a month or snippets of crime or other routine coverage.

Others have merged operations in an attempt as part of a corporate-style “scale up” strategy.

For example, most weekly newspapers in Delaware are now controlled by the Gannett-Gatehouse chain.We also saw the recent acquisition of TownSquare DelawareandMilfordLiveby DelawareLive, an online news venture that repackages content from the two sites.

Not that we are complaining. Support from our valued advertisers remains strong. But every business needs a diversified revenue stream.

Despite the widespread view that the costs of operating online are meager, our monthly operating expenses continue to grow, despite keeping a close eye on costs. Features like our free archive of 15,000 posts are not free.

There is also the need for more in-depth coverage as the state recovers from the pandemic.

We are now pleased to offer a membership option for those wishing to support the mission of Delaware Business Now.

We offer three levels – Supporter at $5 a month, Investor at $69 a year and Champion at $89 a year.

A Champion subscriber will receive a monthly newsletter with news and perspective on business issues facing Delaware.

Memberships are not tax-deductible.

If you like this newsletter and our overall coverage, click here to become a member and support one of last “indies” standing in Delaware.

None of this meansDelaware Business Nowis moving away from our advertising-based business model.

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