Remaining budget bills approved by General Assembly


On Thursday, the Delaware State Senate unanimously approved the annual Grants-in-Aid and Capital Improvement bills.

Republicans in the Senate had delayed passage of the bill, citing factors that included a lack of public input. The action worried the nonprofit community, which receives grants from the bill and has seen previous efforts to cut funding when budget shortfalls appear.

Republicans said the delay proved to be useful, citing “multiple omissions were discovered in Grants-in-Aid by members of both the Republican and Democrat caucuses. After having these corrected, and once constituents and legislators had an opportunity to properly vet the bills, all nine members of our caucus voted ‘yes.'”

These two bills provide necessary funding for a number of services and projects key to Delawareans.

Funding from the two budgets ranges from first responders and libraries to road and infrastructure improvements across the state, Senate Republicans proudly support these bills and the initiatives included within.

The capital budget is also a major factor in the state’s economy since it leads to private sector employment in construction and related areas.

Both pieces of legislation now go to the House of Representatives for final legislative approval.

Passage of the bills comes during a relatively quiet legislative session that was greatly affected by COVID-19 and basically closed Legislative Hall.

The General Assembly earlier passed a COVID-19-related bill that allows voting by mail in upcoming elections.

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