Food and drink notes: More restaurant openings, Curbside Wilmington


The second wave of restaurant openings

So far, we have not seen a flood of notices of restaurants opening on the 15th, with the increase of occupancy from 30 to 60 percent.

One reason is the eight-foot social distancing restriction on tables remains in place. Even with the 60 percent standard, actual capacity may be much lower.

It is believed that if COVID-19 trends move in the right direction, more normal seating patterns will be available for July 1.

However, if the current spike in cases continues in certain parts of the country, some diners may continue to stay away.

Harry’s Hospitality owner Xavier Teixido asked for comments on the placement of a couple of tables. Harry’s operates Harry’s Savoy Grill and Kid Shelleen’s in the Wilmington area.

The more than 300 responses were all over the place

Churrascaria Saudades reopens, Two Stones to follow

Newark’s Brazilian steakhouse Churrascaria Saudades reopened on June 10.

The steakhouse offers an all-you-eat selection of steak, lamb and chicken served on skewers.

The steakhouse is open for dinner.

Under the emergency order, reservations are required. Dining capacity is currently 30 percent, but will increase to 60 percent on Monday.

At non-peak times, restaurants say simply calling ahead is good enough, with the possible exception of weekends.

Also reopening are the three Delaware locations of Two Stones.

The popular casual dining destinations with an emphasis on craft beer decided not to open on June 1 at 30 percent capacity.

Another popular steak spot, Firebirds quietly opened its Christiana-Stanton location to indoor dining on June 1. The CEO of the mid-sized chain had earlier emphasized the company would take a cautious approach.

Curbside Wilmington begins Friday
As announced earlier this week, “Curbside Wilmington” will begin Friday.
The initiative includes expanding outdoor seating into former parking spaces with restaurants getting more outdoor dining options by using space in front of the establishment.
Also, curbside pull-in spots have been designated throughout the downtown area for all businesses, both retail and restaurants, to use for pick-up and curbside delivery.
The 800 block of Market Street will be closed every Friday starting this week, June 12th for a block party with entertainment. The event will take place from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The block will be closed to traffic from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Earlier, Market Street was the scene of a protest a couple of weeks ago that ended with scattered looting, It was followed a week later with a peaceful protest.
Curbside had been in the works as a way to aid restaurants but took on new urgency after the earlier incident.
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