Delaware ranks high in in coronavirus restrictions, death rate


A report from the financial site WalletHub shows Delaware ranks high in coronavirus-related restrictions but may have had reason to do so, due to a high death rate when compared to other states.

The report showed Delaware ranked 38th in restrictions. Ranking first with the fewest restrictions was South Dakota. California had the most restrictions at No. 50.

Maryland, which still does not allow indoor dining, ranks 42nd. Pennsylvania comes in at 41 with New Jersey at 49.

Delaware is moving toward Phase 2, which will allow restaurants and retail establishments to operate at 60 percent of fire code capacity.

Source: WalletHub

As Delaware continues to ease restrictions, the debate continues over whether Gov. John Carney moved too slowly in reopening the state or if the governor should even have the power to impose stay at home orders beyond 30 days.

The graphic below places states on the severity of restrictions and the death rate. Delaware ranked in the upper tier, with a high level of restrictions and a high death rate. Nearly two-thirds of the COVID-19 deaths have occurred at long-term care facilities.

Some have argued that the deaths of medically fragile. nursing home residents should be factored out of reopening decisions. Others say that the cases were due to community spread when staff carried the virus into the facility.

Source: WalletHub
Delaware also ranked high in not loosening of social distancing measures as it became more clear that COVID-19 would not overload hospital capacity.
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