Rehoboth Police estimate Reopen Delaware protesters numbered between 100 and 200

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Rehoboth Beach Police estimated that between 100 and 200 people participated in the Reopen Delaware event.

There has been some debate on the number of people participating in the event that occurred around the city’s bandstand that called for reopening all businesses in the state.

“While it is difficult to provide an accurate count of attendees due to the transient foot traffic through this popular area, we estimate that there was between 100-200 attendees. The majority of those who were in attendance contributed to making this a safe event as they were civil, respectful, and orderly,” the department wrote in a social media post.

The department reported that no arrests were made and no tickets were issued.

“Even in the face of the few who tried to antagonize our officers into a response, we maintained a professional demeanor. We are very proud of our officers and all the members of law enforcement who assisted our agency, as they responded with discretion making public safety and order our unified priority,” the department stated.

The Rehoboth department set aside space for demonstrators and counterprotesters, although those opposed to the protest advised others to not attend.

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