Delaware in top tier when it comes to severity of coronavirus restrictions

Delaware ranks 39th in restrictions issued in response to coronavirus.
The Wallet Hub financial resources website ranked states and Puerto Rico from 1 to 51. Ranking first with the fewest restrictions was South Dakota, with Illinois still having the most restrictions.
Delaware is part of a group of Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states with more restrictions, due in part to the state’s proximity to the pandemic centers of New York City and northern New Jersey.
Delaware is slated to remove a number of restrictions on June 1.

Source: WalletHub
The state has also used a rolling reopening strategy that includes retail businesses opening by appointment and health care centers now being able to do some types of elective procedures.
Hotels are still limited to businesses and leisure travelers and some personal care businesses, facials, massages, and tattoos not allowed to reopen on June 1.
Wisconsin moved toward the top of the list after the state’s Supreme Court ruled that stay at home restrictions were illegal.
Large gatherings are still rare around the country, with no concert tours and major league sports moving toward games with no spectators, at least for now.
The restrictions have spawned a reopening movement that calls for few restrictions and letting businesses, churches, and other gathering places make their own rules.
Critics also tend to downplay the severity of the virus pointing to deaths largely being confined to medically fragile individuals.
Delaware has seen a steady increase in testing, with less than 10 percent of those undergoing the swab and saliva procedure coming up positive. The state does rank in the top tier in the percentage of deaths per 100,000, according to Statistica.
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