Back to Basics offers free educational resources

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Back to Basics Learning Dynamics, Inc has announced its plans to offer free educational resources and support to the local Delaware community.

The announcement was made by Juli Bennett, CEO of the company based in northern Delaware.

Since Governor Carney announced the stay-at-home order, and the closure of Delaware schools, Juli and her team at Back to Basics, began a plan to provide educational support for students, parents and teachers to promote success in a home- learning environment. Here are several ways they continue to serve the Delaware community:

Free SAT/ACT Bootcamp

They are offering students a free, no obligation SAT/ACT Prep Bootcamp. Each week, Back to Basics is conducting online and on-demand SAT or ACT tutoring to the community. Although the May and June SAT administrations are cancelled, their staff continues to monitor updates from the College Board website. This service will be provided while schools remain closed.

Free Study Skills Workshops

The weekly study skills series are free; no obligation evening workshops on study skills and executive functioning. If your child is struggling in their new home learning environment, these opportunities may help.

Free Pre-K Learning Packets

Back to Basics has teamed up with Wingmoms and the Community Collaboration of Delaware to distribute free pre-K learning packets to the community. These weekly themed kits are packed with fun activities, worksheets and are offered free to anyone who needs activities for their preschooler.

Translating COVID-19 Information

The translation staff has been busy, translating CDC and State COVID-19 information, into languages that are needed in our communities, at no cost. They have reached out to all schools, to let them know we will continue to translate important notices and flyers for them, at no cost.

“Students have moved online and so has Back to Basics. We are learning more everyday about what students need while they learn at home and are providing those services for free to the community. People are in need right now and we have to look past the business of making money and find a way to help,” Juli Bennett said.

Back to Basics Learning Dynamics, Inc. exists to provide a 1-on-1 educational experience conducive to each individual’s learning style, regardless of age, to inspire personal growth and to support learning goals. Serving students since 1985, Back to Basics has contributed to the needs of Delaware and regional communities, by consistently providing high-quality wrap-around services to school districts, businesses and government agencies.

For more information on their COVID-19 response and educational support, please contact Juli Bennett at 302-594-0754 or email

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