Tapping Delaware’s brainpower


Hello everyone,

Many compelling  COVID-19 related news pieces have popped up over the last 24 hours.

Some,  like the unemployment claims report (see above) show the daunting challenges Delaware faces.

Others will show what can happen when the brainpower of the state is unleashed.

I can’t go into specifics as deadlines approach but suffice it to say that readers of this newsletter, will see posts on these developments now and well into the future.

One promising area is crunching the vast amount of available information on coronavirus that is being gathered by aggregating smartphone traffic and other info provided by states.

Next will be assessing the economic impact (including questions about the federal Paycheck Protection Program).

I have seen at least one example on social media of a math teacher working with the available numbers.

One idea for the state as it looks for ways to spend money it is receiving from the feds related to the coronavirus fight – assemble an analytics  consortium that can break new ground and make the state a national leader. I would name former Gov. Jack Markell to head the effort. (No, I did not check in advance to see if he is available.)

While we know that more detailed information (with privacy protections) is in the works, we as a state  still face an avalanche of sometimes contradictory information that needs to be interpreted and analyzed.

The need will only increase as testing and contact tracking expand here and elsewhere.

Delaware has the advantage of tapping into  STEAM-based economy with loads of talent and expertise.

STEAM  is defined as technology, engineering and math, with art thrown in. Art is necessary in providing visual ways to make this information accessible and understandable.

As noted above, these ramblings (Jack may have a lot on his plate)  should not be interpreted as a call to action. My point is that the state’s considerable science-based resources are now needed more than ever. Kudos to Delaware Bio and others for pointing this out.

Stay safe and if you have that luxury, stay home. – Doug Rainey, chief content officer.

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