Mobile device data shows sharp decline in travel by New Castle countians


Travel by New Castle county residents declined sharply by the end of March.

The finding came from Cuebiq.,a New York based firm that crunches numbers from mobile device usage.

Overall, New Castle County has seen travel decline by about 46 percent. Mobile device traffic out of Kent and Sussex counties show travel declining at about half the percentage of more densely populated New Castle.

Delaware is now under a stay at home order aimed at restricting nonessential travel.

The figures pale in comparison to more than 90 percent travel reductions in many counties in the states of Washington and California. Those states have seen a more than 90 percent decline in travel and a leveling off of coronavirus cases.

Delaware’s emergency order has been expanded to include travel, with out-of-state visitors having the option of a 14-day quarantine or heading home. An expansion of the order banned most short term rentals and hotel stays.

Some enforcement, with an emphasis on informing out of state travelers on the law has taken place. No arrests have been reported in vehicles pulled over or checkpoints in New Castle and Sussex counties.

The company has opened up a portion of its system to the public, due to the ties to traveling and controlling the spread of coronavirus.

Cuebiq compiles information from overall mobile phone activity in making calculations that are used by retailers and other businesses in determining travel patterns.

Its findings from areas that have “flattened the curve of cases” have led to hints of a more optimistic outlook on efforts to control the spread of coronavirus.

Click here to find data from counties within the U.S.

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