Trending: Coronavirus cases make their way to every corner of Delaware


Coronavirus cases are no longer confined to a limited area of Delaware.

The Delaware Division of Public Health released zip code maps that show the extent of “community spread” in the state in recent weeks. Community spread refers to cases that are not linked to travel or large gatherings.

The division has been battling the perception that some areas of the state have are “safe.”

The areas in dark red with the highest number of cases include a large portion of New Castle County and a small area of Kent. 

Only one zip code in Sussex County has reported no cases. A few zip codes small populations are not listed for privacy reasons.

The first hotspot in the state was the Newark area, due to a reported outbreak tied to the University of Delaware community. An outbreak was also reported at a long-term care facility south of the city.

In early March,  only a small percentage of zip codes had seen residents testing positive. 

Delaware has seen a relatively high death rate from coronavirus due in part to older residents, sometimes in long-term care facilities, succumbing to the virus.

Now being watched closely by state health officials is the rate of hospitalizations, which has shown a sizable increase and has the potential to overwhelm the limited number of intensive care beds in the state.

Hospitals have been making preparations that include space within hospitals that could accommodate additional beds. Hospitals are preferred facilities, due to the presence of services like pharmacies.

On Monday, the state designated the Governor Bacon Health Center in Delaware and an area on the A.I. duPont children’s hospital campus as overflow sites should hospitalizations soar. 

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