TransPerfect group to send out mailer over fee battle with law firm


Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware announced a new direct mail piece would be sent to 115,00 households in the state condemning what it sees a Chancery Court’s lack of transparency.

According to the group, a new motion filed by counsel for TransPerfect Global, Inc. and CEO Phil Shawe last week, the Chancery Court had extended the already “unprecedented confidentiality” offered to court-appointed custodian Robert Pincus and partner Jennifer Voss from Skadden Arps for their billing practices to now include every single word from any objections made to those bills.

TransPerfect and TransPerfect have been battling with Pincus over fees paid while the company was under a custodianship ordered by Chancery Court in a dispute over ownership of the company between its 50-50 owners. Shawe, prevailed in the case.

According to the motion, “a compelling public interest is created when a court-appointed, quasi-judicial, state actor with absolute and sweeping judicial immunity, uses his control of the company he was appointed to oversee to direct payment to his own firm for upwards of $10 million without ever presenting any invoices for the work allegedly performed to the Court or to the Company.”

SaidChris Coffey, Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware’s Campaign Manager, “Chancellor Andre Bouchard’s repeated refusal to implement transparency measures regarding disclosure of Skadden’s billing practices, in this case, is an affront to all standards of judicial integrity and ethics,” said Chris Coffey, citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware’s campaign manager. From day one as TransPerfect’s custodian,Robert Pincusand Skadden Arps have been taking advantage of the company and its thousands of employees by billing them millions of dollars without saying why or what for. By consistently blocking attempts by TransPerfect to see what their money is going towards, Chancellor Bouchard is enabling behavior tantamount to burglary from the company’s thousands of employees. The people of Delaware deserve to know why their courts are allowing custodians to take indiscriminately from the companies under their jurisdiction.”

Bouchard, under judicial rules, is unable to comment on the allegations.

The group plans to send out a direct mail piece outlining its objections.

Citizens for a Pro-Business Delaware describes itself as a group made up of more than 5,000 members including employees of the global translation services company TransPerfect, as well as concerned Delaware residents, business executives and others.

TransPerfect has no employment center in Delaware.

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