Summary of business provisions in coronavirus relief bill


U.S. Sen. Chris Coons has  posted  a summary of the business provisions of the coronavirus bill that is expected to pass the U.S. Senate.

The $2 trillion bill aims to deal with sectors of the economy that have ground to a near standstill after the coronavirus led to sharp declines in restaurant traffic, travel and other areas.

The summary reports that the Delaware Small Business Administration office is holding a daily briefing on assistance options.

The bill comes as New York and New Jersey deal with a growing number of cases that are straining the capacity of hospitals. Delaware has not seen the same situation, although health care facilities and the state have been preparing for the spread of the virus.

The legislation would then go back to the House of Representatives. The bill comes after extensive negotiations between Republicans, Democrats and the Trump administration.

Coons has continued to press for help for first responders and health care workers who face the possibility of exposure to the virus.

Click here for the summary from Coons’ office.

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