State releases modified nonessential-business list


The Delaware Division of Small Business has issued a revised list of essential and non-essential businesses.

The list includes recent changes that allowed auto and gun dealers as well as pet  daycare centers to operate under appointment only restrictions. The small business decision had been flooded by inquiries from businesses and customers earlier in the week.

Some gun dealers had defied the closing order and received cease and desist notices, citing their interpretation of constitutional rights. Lines formed at the businesses as owners and in many customers observed social distancing rules that limited the number of inside customers.

A week ago, Cabela’s, a sporting goods store near Christiana Mall that attracts out of state business, due in part to the state’s lack of a sales tax, was still drawing crowds, partly due to its gun sales operation.

The state later modified its order to an appointment-only model that was earlier in operation in Pennsylvania. The order also limits florists to deliveries.

Liquor stores remain open on advice from public health professionals who say closings could lead some problem drinkers to go into withdrawal and further burden the health care system.

Pennsylvania closed its state-owned liquor stores, leading to busy conditions at Delaware and Maryland stores near the state line with the commonwealth. That development has led to calls to reopen Pennsylvania’s state-owned stores on a limited basis.

Unlike Delaware, Pennsylvania does allow some beer and wine sales at grocery stores.

Businesses listed as nonessential that choose to remain open are subject to penalties and enforcement from Delaware State Police and local law enforcement. 

For the latest updates from the Division of Small Business click here.

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