Some businesses deemed essential while others didn’t make the cut


Businesses can appeal the designation

The State of Delaware on Delaware Sunday released a list of non-essential businesses after Gov. John Carney issued a “stay at home” order. The order becomes effective on Tuesday morning.

A number of businesses that some might not consider essential, liquor stores and florists, for example, made the cut. 

Others did not. 

Below the list by NAICS code. All businesses should have a NAICS code or codes on their unemployment insurance forms or on their most recent tax return.


Businesses can also out  this list of frequently asked questions. Businesses can go through  an appeal process as noted in the FAQ link above.

Under the emergency order, you won’t be able to buy a car, since auto dealers are not considered essential. The same applies to furniture and clothing stores. Office supply stores are not considered essential, while auto repairs are allowed

Large clothing-focused chains such as JC Penney, Kohls and Macy’s had already closed stores, after a sharp decline in sales and earlier  stay at home edicts in California and other states.

The order favors discounts like Target, BJ’s  and Walmart, which sell groceries along with clothing, hardware and even some furniture. Big box home improvement chains, Lowe’s and Home Depot are also considered essential. 

Other non-essential businesses include charter bus services, travel agencies, real estate offices and real estate leasing. In some cases, service businesses that do not meet with customers  can operate from home.

Barber and beauty shops are on the closed list.

Daycare services have been given the flexibility to operate, under the governor’s order. 

The non-essential business order was endorsed by the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce and the Delaware Business Roundtable.